Saturday, May 28, 2011

We reject hierarchy

Anarchy is everywhere. All the time.

Its all around you. The air you breathe, the friends you hang with, the people you have sex with.

We don't need someone to tell us what to do at all times of the day. Everyone can agree with this. We as human beings, when not guided by masters, generally make good decisions on our own for ourselves and others.

When going on a road-trip with friends, courses of action are decided upon collectively, and once consensus is achieved, then something gets done. Nobody who is a part of the road-trip needs anyone else to decide for them what to do. We all just know what we feel would be best, and it works itself out in the end.

I for one don't feel that we as animals need any other animal above us directing us.

Anarchy is not an all versus all type, chaos rules, (dis)organization of society. Anarchy is individuals working together to resolve personal matters through consensus.
Anarchy. Once you've tried it, nothing else compares.

In the mean time you can find me down at the local infoshop/collective.


  1. we dont need it, but it can be helpful sometimes!
    we need direction and guidance

  2. hmm im not sure. there is a lot of law and order everywhere

  3. Anarchy does not mean without order.
    It means without leaders, gods, and masters.

  4. Dude, I agree with you. But as Alan Moore said, people are used to leaders, gods, and everything else that holds society's progress back like a crutch. And if you introduce anarchy too quickly, you're removing the crutch and society will go with it. Not everyone is as advanced as you and Alan (and me for that matter ;))